Medical Assesments

Why send your Drivers for a medical assessment?

The aim of determining fitness to drive is to minimize the risk to the individual, and other road users, while maintaining appropriate independence and employment. Our outsourced health care professionals, ensure that every driver is adequately assessed in order to ensure industry best, while maintaining safer roads. Driving a vehicle is a physical activity, and a driver who gets no physical exercise may not have the required strength, flexibility, or coordination to control and operate a vehicle safely.

It is imperative that a driver must: • See and hear clearly • Synthesize different types of information right away • Act quickly and decisively

Why send your Drivers to Driving Sense?

Driving Sense’s initial point of contact with a company is a meeting with the management team to determine their needs and to enlighten them as to their medical legal obligations. Drivers do not readily admit to medical problems when applying for a job. Majority of companies rely on bi-annual PrDP medicals to ascertain the health status of their drivers, this leaving companies vulnerable to high risk drivers due to their medical conditions.
One of the conditions stated in legislation for the issuing of a Professional Driving Permit (PrDP) is that it shall not be issued “unless a registered medical practitioner or occupational health practitioner has examined the applicant to determine whether or not he or she is approved for driving and has certified the applicant to be medically fit” How does not having medically fit drivers affect you?
The driver is the responsibility of the Transport Operator (Section 49 of the Road Traffic Act). If a driver is known to be medically unfit to drive and has not informed the MEC (Member of Executive Council)of this fact and continues to drive the company could see claims arise from accidents caused by the medically unfit driver. As a transport Operator, one has a responsibility to ensure the drivers are healthy enough not to present a danger to other road users and to safeguard the Companies assets.

The purpose of a Medical Certificate Medical certificates issued by an Occupational Heath Practitioner are required for the following purposes:
• Public Road Permit (PrDP) • Prior to Hazchem Certification • Prior to Forklift training (Medical may not be older than 3 months) • Pre and Exit employment

Driving Sense Offers the Following medical Assessments A medical examination determines whether an employee is fit for work and if they are negatively affected by exposures at work.
• Full medical examination: including urine test, BMI (Body Mass Index), blood pressure and head to toe examination. • Visual Screening • Keystone – including near, far, colour and depth perception • Lung function test • Ear examination to detect any abnormalities • Medical surveillance – pre-employment, periodic, exit medical examinations • Fitness for duty

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