Verification Checks

PRE-EMPLOYMENT SCREENING – Failure to select drivers sensibly exposes vehicle owners and operators to unqualified, unsuitable and illegal individuals. A significant number of applicants (including those already employed as drivers) are unemployable in terms of compliance with road traffic regulations. Given the high incidence of fraudulent licenses and undetected endorsements for unpaid fines, driving under the influence of alcohol and criminal records, it pays to have all aspects of licenses thoroughly checked. Apart from being a legal requirement, it is a condition of a motor insurance policy that the driver holds a valid licence to drive otherwise, in the event of a claim following an accident, grounds for repudiating the claim by Insurers could exist.
Driving Sense can assist with the following verification checks:

Name Clearance (Criminal Check)
Identity Number Verification
Fingerprint Investigation
Drivers License Verification & Endorsements
Public Drivers Permit (P.D.P)
Qualification Checks – School Education Level
Qualification Checks – Tertiary Education Level
ITC Consumer Enquiry (Credit Check)
Scan on File – Company Search
Employee Reference Check
Previous Accident Verification

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